Exhibits curated by Joseph Santarromana

Installations and Performances

Organized by Nancy Buchanan & Joseph Santarromana

Phantom Galleries LA in Pasadena
680 E. Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena 91101

Friday, March 28, Saturday March 29, Sunday March 30, 2008
7 to 10 pm

Jordan Biren and Corrina Peipon, Ashley McLean Emenegger, MaryLinda Moss and Nikii Henry, Danial Nord, Cielo Pessione & John O'Brien, Astra Price, Natasa Prosenc, Joseph Santarromana & William Roper, Evelyn Serrano, Suzanne Siegel, Kyungmi Shin & Todd Gray

Examining themes of fashion and consumption, we will present durational performances and installation works in this former furniture store's windows. Questions regarding the relationship of art and commerce today are myriad, and while there are no simple answers, most observers agree that there are many troubling implications of the influences of speculation, branding and celebrity on the current climate. Giving away the aesthetic experience through such a temporary event is a return to earlier, more idealistic times, yet placing the work within a shopping district anchors it to the realistic present. We imagine this to be an exciting event which will attract art audiences, as well as provide an unusual experience to passers-by.

ANIMAL, Video Projections

Brewery Projects, 676 S. Avenue 21, #33 East, Los Angeles 90031

Oct. 21, 2006 - Nov. 18, 2006

Artists: Connie Samaras, Eve Luckring, Suji Lee, Todd Gray, Erika Suderburg, Nancy Buchanan and Joseph Santarromana

"THIS IS THE PLACE, THIS IS THE THING, THIS IS THE PERSON...", an exhibition of contemporary media installation work.

Brewery Projects, 676 S. Avenue 21, #33 East, Los Angeles 90031

April 17 thru May 21, 2005

Artists:: Amanda Yates / Erika Suderburg / Evelyn Serrano / Johnny Coleman / Kadet Kuhne / Nancy Buchanan & Carolyn Potter / Shannon Noble

"TRANSLATION," An exhibition of contemporart art that address's translation, cross media and cross social and personal.

@: Post, 1904 Seventh Place, Los Angeles

March 5-April 2, 2005

Artists: Catherine Lord, Doug Goodwin, Erika Suderburg & Martha Ronk, John O'Brien, Harry Gamboa, Pat O'Neil

"Suture: The Healing Issue"
Oct 15-17, 2004
preview of the DVD by System Yellow, Inc.
curated by Joseph Santarromana and Bruna Mori
d.u.m.b.o. Short Film and Video Festival
45 Main Street, 9th Floor
Brooklyn, New York
 Not all artists and writers featured in _suture_ are known for addressing the subject of healing, but a reconciliation is visible in their work. Current and seminal pieces, many created or edited especially for the project, allow viewers to rethink processes of recovery toward a collective healing, both personal and political.

"Soft Machines"
Nov 15-Dec 19, 2003
Brewery Projects,676 S. Avenue 21, #33 East, Los Angeles 90031
Group Show of installations and singles channel video works from Los Angeles based artists.

"No One Walks in L.A."
Oct 18-19, 2003, Sat. 3-10pm & Sun. 2-9pm
D.U.M.B.O. Short Film and Video Festival 55 Washington St., 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, NY
Video works from Los Angeles.

Oct-Nov 2002
Brewery Projects, 676 S. Avenue 21, #33 East, Los Angeles 90031
Video Installations and Single channel screenings.