Artist Statement

I have been active in creating multimedia artwork since 1990. That work is primarily video, video installation and photography. Much of it is time based, although I will extrapolate elements for incorporation in my photographic print series. In my work, I develop a perspective on the personal, psychological and perceptual experience of the objective / tangible / urban landscape that surrounds us. The "body," represented as an element in much of my work, is contextualized through video imagery or as manipulated photography. It is constructed as an entity that "takes" over objects or places. The focus of my works can vary but often it is concentrated on the relationship of how Ideas are that are superimposed as concepts on innate feelings and/or beliefs guide the viewer's understanding gaze (both outwardly and inwardly.) This is at the core of my interests as an artist. The multimedia approach to addressing issues of subjectivity brings the viewer into contact with his / her own sense of empathy with the environment and with the situation of others / self.

~ Santarromana